First Year Apprenticeship Lecture Series

Herbal Concepts and Northwest Materia Medica

Low Elevation Old Growth and Riverside

This 56.5 hour lecture series will give the student knowledge of herbalism without the botany and fieldwork of our full Apprenticeship Program. It is designed to illustrate herbal fundamental principles using northwestern medicinal plants. These native herbs were intentionally selected to serve as an accessible medicine chest and an herbal basis for further learning. Herbal preparations and medicine making labs are included throughout term.

Spring Term will run from April to June. No pre-requisite required. The instructors are Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager. See the Academic Calendar for current dates and prices.

Summer Term will run from mid-July to the first week in September 2020, and consists of 8 lectures (24 hours).  Completion of Spring Term required. The instructors are Howie Brounstein, Heron Brae, Alex Queathem. See the Academic Calendar for current dates and prices.

Physiology for the Herbalist

This 36 hour eighteen class series is designed for the retention of the basic physiology concepts. Students who have had one year of herbal training with another herbalist may participate in this class. This introduction will focus on membrane physiology and the nervous and digestive systems. This is the same class taught at Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine for seven years and is ideal for those wishing to study with physiology oriented herbalists. The required text is The Physiology Coloring Book by Kapit, Macey, and Meisami.

The class will run in the fall. Completion of Herbal Concepts or one-year of herbal study is also required. The instructor is Howie Brounstein. See the Academic Calendar for current dates and prices.

Academic Calendar

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