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    Howie Brounstein has taught botany, herbalism, and wildcrafting extensively for decades, including at such herbal establishments as the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. He is the co-owner and a primary instructor of the Columbines School of Botanical Studies and has a clinical practice in Eugene, Oregon. He is well known for his brilliant in depth teaching style and his passionate love of plants.

    Leah Kays Leah is a 2006 graduate of Columbines School of Botanical Studies and has been involved with the school since. She is an herbalist, botanist, and bartender from Portland, Oregon who has moved from a substitute teacher to a full time Columbines instructor.

  • Internships

    Clinical Internship

    One on one Clinical Internship hours are available to qualified students. Interns would sit in with the practitioner and the client in the clinic, and assume an ever-increasing level of responsibility as their skills increase. Limited spaces are available. The instructor is Howie Brounstein. These hours may be used as clinical experience for the American Herbalist Guild Professional Membership.

    Clinic Roundtable

    Third year or qualified students may be able to attend the Clinic Roundtable. These lectures are primarily for clinical interns and those waiting to rotate into the internship cycle. Interns and the practitioner will present and discuss important clinic cases. The instructor is Howie Brounstein.

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