Herbal Treatments

Herbal Cough Syrup

A Generic Howie Recipe

A tea of Mullein – great Lung herb should always be in a mixture for the lungs, helps stop coughing when the lungs are infected or inflammed, but lets you cough if you need to.

Osha – by far the best herb for the throat, with upper respiratory properties also. Unfortunately, the ingredients are not very water soluble, so you’ll have to add tincture.

An expectorant with a light hand – not too much Coltsfoot ot Horehound, it may make you cough too much.

Perhaps something soothing and tasty like Licorice, or even Hibiscus, or if by chance you have fresh Lemongrass growing in your yard (don’t we all?), use that too.

Perhaps even some calming herb like Skullcap or a yummy Pedicularis. After all, these herbs are for spasms … and coughing is a bronchial spasm. After straining, add an equal amount (or more) by volume of honey. This won’t satisfy the US Dept. of Agriculture’s definition of syrup (65% soluble sweetener I believe), but it does just fine, and is plenty sweet. Store in the refrigerator.

Just a few suggestions.

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