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Herbal Smoking Mixtures Workshop

Herbal Smoking Mixtures Workshop taught by Howie Brounstein of the Columbines School of Botanical Studies and author of Herbal Smoking Mixtures, a groundbreaking Etext released over 10 years ago!

This 5 hour intensive workshop includes reasons why people smoke, herbs to quit smoking, herbs for body and flavor, preparing mixtures, and ceremonial, recreational, and medicinal uses of herbal smokes. We will discuss and sample specific smoking herbs and explore the intricacies of developing your own mixture. Bring a clean pipe or a pack of rolling papers.

Saturday July 16, 2011 11 AM to 5 PM At Dicentra Farm, outside of Corvallis, Oregon Camping available in natural setting

$75 includes free smoking samples $50 deposit required Deposit required to reserve you spot Contact 541-687-7114 for more information or to make a reservation

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Herbal Smoking Mixture Recipes

by Howie Brounstein

Standard Smoking Mix:

  • Rubbed Mullein leaf as a base
  • Kinnikinnik leaf, for body, finely broken
  • Optionally Manzanita leaf and Pipsissewa for added body
  • Optional flavoring herbs to taste

Another Favorite Mix:

  • Rubbed Mullein leaf as a base
  • Willow Bark, finely cut for body
  • Skullcap Leaf, for calming effects
  • Osha Root, finely ground for flavor
  • Mix thoroughly. Mildly relaxing

To Quit Smoking:

  • Phase 1:
  • Rubbed Mullein leaf as a base
  • Kinnikinnik leaf, for body, finely broken
  • Manzanita leaf, for added body, finely broken
  • Skullcap Leaf, for vitally needed calming effect
  • Lobelia, as needed for lobeline
  • Mint, small amounts for menthol cigarette smokers
  • Phase 2:
  • Stop adding Lobelia
  • Add Coltsfoot, as needed, not so strong as to cause coughing fits
  • Increase the Mullein Leaf
  • Continue to add more Mullein until Phase 3, Mullein alone.

Expectorant Blend:

This blend is excellent for a general lung cleanse or chest cold, but do not use when coughing up blood, or if it hurts when you breathe.

  • Rubbed Mullein leaf as a base
  • Coltsfoot, not so strong as to cause coughing fits
  • Horehound, not so strong as to cause coughing fits
  • Flavorings optional

Mellow Mixture:

Relaxing, mild and pleasant alternative to Marijuana

  • Skullcap
  • Parrot’s Beak
  • Elephants Head to taste

Strong Relaxant:

This can make you sleepy so do not drive any bulldozers or jumbo jets when smoking.

  • Desert Skullcap
  • Lobelia – a pinch

Too Stoned Blend:

This mixture is smoked as an aid to quit a long term Marijuana habit.

  • Rubbed Mullein Leaf as a base
  • Calamus Root, small pieces or powder
  • Elephant’s Head Buds, for calming effect and flavor
  • Coltsfoot, not so strong as to cause coughing fits

Too Expensive Blend:

This blend will help with the rising costs of Cannabis. You can substitute the Cannabis buds with any quality Cannabis, and the other herbs will help to stretch it out without diluting its effect.

  • 1/2 High Quality Cannabis buds
  • 1/4 Elephant’s Head Buds
  • 1/4 Skullcap Leaf

Ceremonial Smoke:

Not an everyday smoke, for vision quests and spiritual pursuits. Use consciously.

  • Rubbed Mullein leaf as a base
  • Fermented Scotch Broom Flowers
  • Desert Skullcap, just a small amount Skullcap Leaf
  • Elephant’s Head Leaf
  • Parrot’s Beak Leaf
  • Osha Root, powdered for flavor

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